Luxury Casino

Getting rewarded for all of your real money gaming action at Luxury Casino is something that you will benefit from when you are playing at any casino site, whether a mobile or online casino and many players often wonder how the bonuses, promotions and casino comp clubs compare in each playing environment.

It is with that in mind that we put together the following guide that is going to enlighten you on all of the additional extras that will be bestowed upon you when you do start playing any of the Casino Rewards real money casinos with best games online at any of our featured gambling sites!

Please do read on for when you do want to play your favourite casino games, the little and often not so little extras that you can claim or will be awarded with will enable you to get some much longer playing sessions and many more chances of winning too!

Luxury Casino New Player Sign up Bonuses

When you sign up to any online casino site you are going to be able to claim a large and very diverse range of welcome and sign up bonuses, and below we have an overview of each of those types of new player bonuses and what you should be looking for in regards to spotting and claiming the most generous ones!

Deposit Bonuses - The bonuses that are much sort after by every single casino game player no matter what types of games they enjoy playing the most are deposit bonuses, and it will be those that give you 100% or higher of your deposited amount as bonus credits that will be the ones worth claiming.

Just make sure that the bonuses you do track down and claim come with low play through requirements, and also look out for deposit match bonuses that can be used on the types of games you enjoy playing the most.

Deposit match bonuses at Luxur Casino can also be offered to you when you make a deposit by one type of banking option however what we have found is that those types of deposit type bonuses are usually low in value, often between 5% and 15% of your deposits amount.

As such they are usually not worth claiming for if you deposit a large amount of cash you will have to achieve the play through requirements on those bonus funds and often your deposited amount too, so always double check to see how the bonus terms and conditions have been structured!

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No Deposit Bonuses - No deposit bonuses are often going to be available to you for signing up to an online casino site and many players cannot resist taking those types of bonuses, for as the name of them suggest you will not have to make any deposit to claim them and they will allow you to get a free set of bonus credits to play the games on offer at a casino site.

Whilst you will have the chance of winning when utilizing no deposit bonuses, be aware that these types of casino bonus offers are the ones that do tend to have the biggest sets of terms and conditions and rules attached to them, so whatever you do make sure that you read through those terms and conditions to judge for yourself if they are worth claiming or not!

One Hour Free Play - If you see a casino site offering you a one hour free play type of welcome bonus offer then when you register as a new player at that casino site you will be given a large amount of no deposit bonus credits and will be tasked with having to play a certain number of games within one full hour and ending up with a bigger balance that your starting balance.

If you do manage to win more than you started playing with then a percentage of the winnings can be redeemed as bonus credits once you make a small deposit into your casino site account.

However the best valued one hour free play sign up bonus are those that will allow you to redeem the higher amount of your winnings a bonus credits but when you make the smallest valued deposit to redeem them too!

Free Slot Spins - A free set of slot spins awarded to you as some form of bonus offer or promotional deal by an online casino site will see you having to play off those free spins on whatever slot game they have been credited to and to try and win a much as you can do.

Some online casino sites award the winnings you achieve on those free slot game spins a bonus credits so you will first have to play off those now bonus credits in regards to the play through requirements before you can cash out those winnings, however some casinos award them as real cash credits and those are of course the best free slot spin bonuses to claim!

Cash Back Bonuses - The one thing to keep in mind about a cash back bonus is that they are only going to act as something of a safety net if you do make a deposit but lose it playing one or more casino games!

Cash back bonuses are going to come in all manner of different shapes and sizes but the best ones to claim are those that award as near as 100 of your losses back and also those that award the losses back and cash credits and not bonus credits!

Luxury Casino Promotions and Bonus Offers

Once you have made use of any online casinos sign up welcome bonus you will then find that all of our rated and approved casino sites will be offering you all manner of different and unique ongoing promotions and bonus offers, and below are an overview of those types of bonus offers.

Reload Bonuses - A reload bonus is simply a deposit match type bonus that is going to be offered to you once you have claimed any casinos initial set of welcome bonus offers.

These types of bonuses will be structured in lots of different ways dependent on the casino sites you have chosen to play at but much like deposit match bonuses in general the best ones to claim are always going to be the ones with the lowest play through requirements and the ones that give you a higher number and percentage of bonus credits based on the amount of cash you deposited to claim them with!

Comp Point Boosters - Some casinos are going to try and get players playing their range of games on days of the week when the casinos are not that busy, and one way they will do this is by offering players an increased number of comp points when they play certain games.

With that in mind do look out for casinos offering comp points boosters as by playing when those promotions are up and running and playing the games that will award an increased number of comp points you will accumulate comp point much quicker.

Also, at certain times of the year a range of slot machines that are themed around that time of the year will have increased comp points awarded to players when playing them, such as Easter themed slots at Easter time and Christmas themed slots on our around Christmas time each year!

Birthday Promotions - One of the many exclusive bonuses you are going to be offered when you are a loyal and regular real money player at most casino sites are Birthday Bonuses.

Those bonuses are of course going to be given to you on your birthday and could come in the form of no deposit bonuses or you may also or only be offered a deposit match type of bonus. It is often the value of such bonuses that will allow you to judge for yourself just how much a casino site values you as a player at their respective sites!

Player Referral Offers - If you have enjoyed playing at one casino site and have been given a first class type of gaming experience and you know any friends or family members that also like to have the occasional gamble, be on the lookout for casinos that offer referral bonuses.

If you do recommend someone to sign up to and then play for real money at most casino sites the casino will reward you for doing so with some bonus credits. The value of the bonuses will obviously vary from casino to casino!

However, be aware that many online casino sites will not let more than one player living at one address to sign up to a casino site, and as such that needs keeping in mind if there is anyone who lives in your home who likes to play at casino sites online, as he or she may not be permitted to play at one casino if you already have an account registered at that site from your home address!

Tailored Promotional Offers - One thing that we have noticed quite a lot of our approved and top rated online casino sites are going to be offering you as a player is a huge range of tailored promotional offers.

Those casinos that do offer such promotions will either send them out to you to your registered email account or they will display the bonuses that have been specially selected for you when you log into the casino site, they will often displayed them prominently in the casino lobby so you will not be able to miss those offers!

They will be tailored around the types of luxury casino games that you enjoy playing the most, so for example if you like playing slot games you will find all manner of different promotional offers available to you that will extend your play time and hopefully increase your winning chances, so always be on the lookout for them no matter what types of game you like playing the most!

Freeroll Casino Game Tournaments - If you like having the occasional chance to win real money credits but without having to put any of your own money at risk then always be on the lookout for casino sites that offer their players a range of free to enter casino game tournaments.

By entering those tournaments with a little bit of luck in playing you could find you win enough points when playing the tournament slot games or whatever game the tournament is based around to be awarded with a cash prize, some of those cash prizes by the way can be very high valued ones!

Casino Loyalty and Comp Clubs

Any online casino site is going to want you to remain loyal to their site and will also want you to keep on playing in a real money playing environment for as long as is possible, and as such each casino site you come across will have some form of casino comp club or loyalty scheme in place.

As you play casino games of any type for real money you will be allocated a set number of comp points and when you have earned enough of them you will be able to redeem them for additional playing credits.

Below you will find a list of different aspects of any online casino sites comp club scheme that makes them much more generous than other casinos comp clubs, and as such it is important that you read on and digest all of the following information to ensure you are always getting the maximum player rewards when playing casino games online for real money!

Tiered Comp Club - Most casino sites online these days have a multi-tiered luxury casino comp club and when you play at such a site you will need to try and get as high as you can in those comp club schemes by earning as many comp points as you can do.

The higher you do get to in those comp clubs the more generous the redemption rates will become and the more points you will earn based on your real money gaming action, so look out for such a multi-tiered comp club when comparing what different casino sites have on offer!!

Low Redemption Rates - The sign of a generous online casinos comp club scheme is in regards to just how low the redemption rates are for exchanging and redeeming your accumulated comp points and then turning them into playing credits.

Please therefore do pay close attention to the structure and design of any casinos comp club scheme as that way you will be able to judge for yourself it any one comp club is going to give you more bonus credits based on how much gaming action you give that casino site!

Status Bonus Offers - The higher you get in a casinos comp club by way of making your way up the tiers of that clubs the more points you will earn and the more generous the loyalty bonuses will become!

Comps Redeemable for Cash - Any casino that awards your credits as cash credits and not as bonuses credits that come with play through requirements attached to them are the best casino sites to play at as you will never be forced to have to risk losing your redeemed credits when they are awarded to you as cash credits which is something you will be forced to have to do if they are awarded as bonus credits!

VIP Casino Rewards at Luxury Casino

In this final section of our guide to getting the VIP treatment when playing at online casino sites we are going to be presenting you some feedback that was sent in by our real money casino game playing website visitors.

With that in mind please read on to find out how those players fare when it comes to getting lots of additional extras and rewards simply for playing casino games online. Plus, you will find some of our website visitors sent in some handy tips in regards to getting additional playing benefits too!

Preferred Casino

The best advice I can give anyone who is new to playing at an online casino site is to try and concentrate all of your playing efforts to playing at just one casino site but a casino site that does have a generous players reward scheme in place.

By playing at just one single casino site when playing their range of games for real money you are going to get higher up in the tiers of those comp clubs by you earning more points and that will then see you getting more points and lower redemption rates when you do reach the higher tiers of those comp clubs.

Casino Bonus

Sometimes if you have been playing at a casino and haven't had much luck it will be worth asking the casinos customer support team if they will flip you a no deposit bonus based on your previous gaming action.

If the support team look at your playing logs and see that you have had a poor run of luck they will give you a few bonus chips, whilst they may not do so it is always worth asking as you have nothing to lose by asking them for a no risk free bonus every now and then!

Comp Points

I have often been tempted to cash in my comp points at the end of every session I play as that way I get a few additional playing credits.

However, recently I have started to save them up over several different gaming sessions and by doing so that often allows me to have a fairly long playing session by using those bonus credits awarded for cashing in and redeeming my comp points but without having to make a fresh deposit to do so!

One thing that I have found the better run and operated casino sites will do is to round up your comp points for you if you are not far off the number of them required to cash them in for playing credits.

Several casinos will round your comp points up but you will have to speak nicely to the customer support agents to get them to agree to do that, but in my experience most casino sites will do so!

So that is handy to know if you have run out of credits but want to keep on playing and have a fair number of comp points in your comp club account but not enough to redeem them for playing credits yourself! -

Play Through Requirements

It so sometimes not worth claiming a casino bonus if the bonus comes with high play through requirements, I have seen some casinos online making players play through their deposits and their bonus credits 100 times before players can cash out any winnings.

In my opinion the best types of bonuses are those that only have play through requirements attached to the bonus credits and not your deposited amount and also those bonuses that have a play through requirement of 30 times your bonus funds or ideally much less than thirty times!

Which casino bonuses

If you do want to claim any type of bonuses then be aware that I have seen some offered by different casino sites that have limits in place in regards to just how much you can win when using your bonus credits.

I would strongly advise anyone to check through the terms and the conditions to see if there is a maximum amount in place when using bonus credits that you can win, for if you claim such a bonus and win over that amount the excess will be voided out by the casino.

That could then see a huge winning payout to be cut down to just a small cash out amount, and no one is going to want to have the thrill of winning big only to discover that due to them using bonus credits they can only cash out a small percentage of their winnings!