Casino Rewards

Casino Rewards is a company that has been operating Microgaming software powered luxury casino sites for many years now. Over those many years they have acquired and bought out many casinos that all use Microgaming’s range of games and their gaming platforms.

As such they are now firmly established as one of the largest and most popular casino groups, and players are always going to be assured of getting, no matter at which one they play at, a fully rounded and very enjoyable gaming experience when playing at any of those sites.

If you are a player who has been looking around for a top quality casino site at which to play at, or a range of casinos to join up to and play at, then there is no doubt in my mind you are going to have a very enjoyable time playing at any of their casinos.

With that in mind throughout the following guide I am going to be introducing you to some of their most played at casino sites, and will be enlightening you on the unique and shared qualities and the benefits that will be flowing your way when you do play at each of them.

Keep in mind, that as an online casino player you really do have plenty of different casino sites at which to play at and you owe it to yourself to track down and sign up to only the very best run and operated casino sites, and that is exactly what you will be doing if you make the very wise decision of playing at any of the ones that are listed throughout this guide!

What Do Casino Rewards Casinos Offer?

As you may never have played at a Casino Rewards owned and operated casino site, I will now guide you through the shared benefits and quantities of each of them.

Be aware that the sign up promotional offers and bonuses are going to be different at each of their casinos, and as such I would strongly advise you to checkout each of their respective websites as you are bound to find several different welcome bonuses that are going to appeal to you directly!

Pooled Comps – As you play any of the hundreds of different games at any Casino Rewards casino site, you will of course be earning yourself comp points if you are playing in the real money mode.

What is slightly different about Casino Rewards owned and operated sites, is that your comp points will all be pooled into a central account, which means no matter at which of their sites you choose to play at as a real money player you will always be accumulating points into that central account.

You are then going to be free to choose just which of your accounts and casinos you wish to have your redeemed playing credits you exchanged your comp points for added to, so if you do find that you have more luck at one of their casinos, then you can pick that one to have your comped playing credits added to and instantly!

Multi-Currencies – As most countries of the world have their own currency, then it is always going to be preferable that you do join up to and then only play at a casino site that allows you to make deposits in your own home currency.

That is exactly what you are going to be able to do at any Casino Rewards casino site, for when you are registering as a first time and real money player you are then going to be able to pick the currency you wish to use on your casino account.

24/7 Support – Help and support is always going to be on offer to you when playing at any casino site owned by the Casino Rewards group, and one thing that you are also going to appreciate about getting in touch with their team is that there will be plenty of ways you can do so.

You can choose to drop them an email and they will very quickly respond, however if you are the type of player who wants instant interaction with a casinos support team they also offer instant chat and also direct telephone numbers too, many of which are toll free numbers.

Make sure that you also opt for the language option available via their support centre as that way if English is not your preferred language then you are going to be able to communicate with their support team members via your own chosen language and they do offer plenty of language options too.

Reliable Banking Options – Topping up your casino credits and making a deposit is never going to be difficult to do, for you will discover that no matter where you live or what currency you have chosen as the one in use on your account there will always be an abundance of different deposit options available to you.

However, it is not only deposit options that are available in very large numbers for you are also going to find more than enough ways for you to make a withdrawal too.

Keep in mind that there could be some form of fees and charges that some payment providers will force you to have to pay when using their services, so always make a point of selecting the payment option that is the most cost effective one to use, as by doing so you will then not see the value of deposits and withdrawals being reduce in value by those fees and charges!

Fast Winning Payouts – I love being able to withdraw my winnings and get them paid out to me very quickly, and that is one of the main reasons I want you to consider playing at Casino Rewards owned and operated casino sites, for one thing they do pride themselves on is being fast payers!

You will however initially need to get your casino account fully verified to then be able to take advantage of their rapid winning payouts, so make sure you try and do so as soon as possible.

In fact, I would advise anyone signing up to any of their casino sites to get their accounts fully verified when they sign up, as that way if you do win on your initial session, which you may just do, then you will not experience any delays in getting paid out your winnings if your account is already fully verified!

Published RTP’s – The long term expected payout percentages each of the casino game offer are no big secret at Microgaming software powered online casino sites, for each and every single game they have every designed and launched will have had their respective payout percentages published somewhere online.

As such I would urge you to look up the payout percentage of any type of casino game you love playing the most, as when you do so you will then know which games have been designed to give players the highest paybacks and payouts.

Keep in mind through that even though some games do have much higher payout percentages, those games are completely random so sometimes you will win when playing them and sometimes you will lose, so always play responsibly and set yourself some gambling limits too!

Massive Suite of Games – You may be very surprised to learn that if you opt to play via the fully downloadable gaming platform each of the below listed Casino Rewards group owned casino sites have on offer to their players you are going to be able to play well over 850 different games.

No matter what types and categories of casino game you enjoy and love playing the most, you are going to find plenty of different variants of those games available to you!

One other thing that you may appreciate also is that apart from their range of progressive jackpot awarding games you do have the option of being able to play their games for free and at no risk, so consider doing so if you want to see for yourself and at first hand which game or games you are going to enjoy playing the most but without any risk attached when playing them for free!

Different Gaming Platforms – You can play casino games on your mobile devices, online via both an instant play and fully downloadable gaming platform, and as such you can play your favourite casino games no matter where you are or when you want to play them.

Keep in mind thought that if you do want to have the largest range of casino games on offer to you then you will be best advised to select the fully downloadable gaming platform as that is the one that does have the most games on offer.

However, you will find a good few hundred different types of casino games on offer on the instant play gaming platforms and more than enough games to get stuck into playing if you wish to download the casino apps that each of the casino listed below and those other ones that are owned by Casino Rewards have available!

Huge Progressive Jackpots – There are going to be plenty of progressive jackpot awarding casino games available to you at each casino site too, and as such it is not only going to be slot machines on which you could be lucky enough to win a life changing progressive jackpot.

There are Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette and plenty of other card and table casino games that will give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot and there will be lot of different stake levels at which you can play those games for too.

Plus, when and if the day arrives that you do win a progressive jackpot then your winnings will not be split up and spread over several weeks, months or years they will instead be sent out to you via one single winning payment, which is always good to know!

Regular Player Promotions – As mentioned up above each of the Casino Rewards owned and operated casino sites are going to be offering their own unique types of welcome sign up bonuses and when you do checkout those casino websites you will be amazed at just how generous those bonuses are going to be!

However the promotions team at Casino Rewards have become famous for dreaming up and then offering their players at each of the casino sites they own some of the most generous of bonuses you are going to come across online which players get offered on an ongoing basis.

So you are never going to go short in regards to being able to boost the value of your bankroll and any deposit you do make when you make use of those very generous ongoing promotional offers.

With that in mind always do make sure you do keep your eyes peeled for those promotional offers, deals and special ongoing bonuses, and one additional thing worth knowing is that there bonuses are very easy to claim and come with very fair and very reasonable terms and conditions too!

Most Popular Casino Rewards Casino Sites

In this final section of my guide to Casino rewards owned and operated casino sites I am going to be giving you a mini review and overview of their casinos that are much more popular with players then their other ones!

As such if you are now good and ready to sign up to an online casino site then please do read though this final section of this guide, for by doing so you are going to find a casino site that will tick all o the boxes on your checklist of wants and demands!

Zodiac Casino

The very first Casino Rewards group owned and operated casino site that I have no doubts in my mind is going to live up to and probably exceed your very highest of expectations is Zodiac Casino, which as the name does suggest comes with an Astrology type of theme!

You will have plenty of different casino games waiting for you when you sign up as one of their casinos and you do have the choice whether to play their games for free or for real money.

To ensure you get the maximum value out of your bankroll you will find that both their new player and their ongoing bonuses are designed to give you the maximum bang for your buck, and winning players are going to always get their winning paid out to them sooner rather than later!

Luxury Casino

All Casino Rewards casino sites are run to the very highest of standards and the Luxury Casino are no different to their other casino sites, one thing that will always impress you about this casino site is that their bonus offers are very free flowing.

If you want to be assured of always having the maximum winning opportunities then make sure you make use of as many of their bonus offers as you possibly can do as they come with some of the very fairest terms and conditions of any online casino bonus offer.

In fact it would be very beneficial for you o take a quick look over their website right now for by doing so you will find full details of their current new player sign up bonus which is available instantly the very second you claim it!

Quatro Casino

Another casino site that I think you should at the very least check out today and even add to your list of casino sites to get stuck into play at is Quatro Casino, for when you do so you are going to find they offer you everything you need to have plenty of thrills and spills and plenty of fun and entertainment.

Quatro Casino

Their sign up bonus is so generous that I feel you should make use of it sooner rather than later for I doubt it is going to be available and on offer for much longer and when claiming it you are going to get plenty of additional winning opportunities and plenty of extra play time too.

All in all you really will have fun when playing at Quarto Casino and if you win they will of course pay you out your winnings very quickly too and by a method you wish to get paid out your winnings by!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Never be put off playing at any Casino Rewards owned and operated casino site due solely to the name of that casino site! With that in mind I should point out that Blackjack Ballroom Casino does have the entire suite of Microgaming designed games on offer and not just their Blackjack games!

blackjack ballroom casino

However if Blackjack is your favourite and preferred casino game of choice then you are never going to be disappointed in regards to just how many different Blackjack game variants will be on offer to you at this casino site.

You are going to be able to play for low, medium or very high stakes and you will also have the chance of playing plenty of single hand, multi hand and even progressive jackpot awarding Blackjack games too, plus both free play and real money version of each of their huge array of Blackjack game variants are going to be on offer to you too!

Golden Tiger Casino

There is a very obvious Asia theme in use over at the Ogden Tiger Casino and this is a very well stabilised casino site that many players do find themselves playing at regularly.

Golden Tiger Casino

If you love laying slot machines then what I would advise you to do is to sign up to this casino site, log into your account but then spend some time carefully looking through the list of slot game on offer in the games menu.

When you do so you are going to find plenty of great playing and high paying slot machines, many of which are going to be offering you bonus features, and bonus games and plenty of unique playing structures that you may never have come across before.

Plus, there will also be plenty of progressive jackpot slot games offering huge and life changing jackpots available to you as a player at Golden Tiger Casino!

Grand Mondial Casino

I do enjoy playing at Grand Mondial Casino, and I have often found that the slot games at that casino site tend to payout more to me than when I play at most other casino sites!

Grand Mondial Casino

That is something you may have discovered as any online player, that some casinos do tend to be luckier for you than others! You will of course benefit from rapid winning payouts as one of their players and there will be plenty of casino bonuses flowing your way too.

Keep in mind that much like all other Casino Rewards owned and operated casino sites, if you have never experienced the sheer delights of playing Microgaming designed games you are always going to be able to give them a whirl via the demo mode versions of each game.

Casino Classic

Casino Classic is another excellent casino site at which you can play at, however it is not a casino that is going to make a huge fuss when you sign up to it, for it has been designed as a casino site that offers players a very lad back type of gaming experience.

casino classic

There are of course going to be plenty of different casino games you can play at and you will find that every single month of the year a brand new range of casino ages are added onto all of the different gaming platforms they use.

If you do want to have the best of everything as an online casino player then please do consider playing at Casino Classic, you will be made very welcome and you will of course be able to claim instantly their rather unique and very generous sign up bonus when you do sign up as a real money player too!